The Consoling Mechanism is a stirring and ultimately uplifting pop/rock musical exploring the relationship between human connection and our ever-increasing reliance on technology. A tragic car accident has left the Husk family struggling to define their new reality. As Valerie, paralyzed from the waist-down, dives deeper into a VR world to escape her new challenges at school and the recent loss of her mother, her father goes to dangerous measures in order to re-establish connection. Further complicating the family dynamic, Asher, Valerie’s sibling, is dealing with the loss of their mother by dressing in their mothers old dresses and fighting the confines of sexual identity. Following a successful reading in NYC starring Diana Degarmo as Valerie, The Consoling Mechanism is set to have its world premiere in 2021 at the Virginia Repertory Theater.  



The country is in trouble. The top 5% of the population has all the wealth while the bottom 95% pays all the tax; there's no medical care; the police have turned against the citizenry. And to make matters worse, children have begun to vanish...and the reason might be the greatest horror of them all. It's France in 1750 and King Louis XV just might be a vampire. Royal Blood is a hip-hop induced, vampire crazed, politically corrupt musical comedy based on actual events that occurred in 18th century France. Royal Blood follows our protagonists, aptly named the Borde family, as they struggle to improve their hard times on the farm by moving to the big city of Paris. Little do they realize that the rumor of Vampirism might not be fake news after all as immediately their daughter, Marie, disappears within the frightful street of Paris. Though hilariously campy at times, the true horror of Royal Blood lies in how poignantly and eerily this musical resonates with our current situation in the beloved U.S. of A. Vampires are real!!!



Jack: A Moral Musical Tale was a concept by Linda Weiss, founder of the Colorado Springs Conservatory. We have learned from history that between 11 to 13 is when we start to lose our children relative to suicide and bullying plays a significant role in this. Jack; A Moral Musical Tale follows a bully, Jack at school who is suspended, taken home to his troubled family and sent to bed without supper. As Jack proceeds to dream, all of the Jacks throughout the history of literature including Jack be Nimble, Jack and the beanstalk and Jack of all Trades visit him and offer the possible outcomes and consequences of his behavior. Though written in an effort to open communication between our children about depression, bullying and suicide, Jack has been embraced by many communities and all ages. It’s both moving and impactful while remaining playful and accessible. After a successful production in Colorado Springs in conjunction with the Colorado Springs Conservatory and directed by co writer Josh Franklin, the show will be part of Stages St. Louis’ young adult reading program this fall!